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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover


Romantic and Cute Birthday Wishes For Lover 

You are waiting to wish on your's lover Happy Birthday,On that day you can make even more better love's and joyful for your's lover.Here is a list of some Best Birthday wishes For lover .Which make even more excited for your lover birthday .Birthday of yours lover is always a special occasion for you and may you want to make special wishes message on his birthday !!.Make him/her feel more special with romantic,cute and loving,care's birthday wishes texts and something sweet which bring happiness on this special day .........!!!!

   Happy Birthday to my dearest Lover  .Thank You for bringing all the happiness into my life .I love You with all of my heart and my feeling's for you will grow stronger with every day 

     I'm so much happy that you choose to share you special day with me .Thank you for everything that you have done a lot for me , You are my sweet heart, and I will always love's You much more and more !!

 You're the gift's in my life , and on your special day .I give you the gift of my love and happiness Take it with open arm's and embrace my deep hug 


   Today is your special day .Let me be your genie of like aladin , Every wishes you can make , I will fulfill it .♡ Happy Birthday Sweetheart !!!

 I have never met a person like you who is sweet as you are .On this day we are going to celebrate your sweet-ness by eating sweet and creamy cake and drinking some cold wine's Happy Birthday My Love 

On this very special day , I want to know how much you are loved , not just by me but also by everyone who know's you .Happy Birthday my love !!!

Wishing Happy Birthday  to my favorite person in this entire world !!! May you always feel good my love and enjoy our sweet times together and forever 

Happy Birthday to the only one person that is perfectly capable of loving all my in perfection. I love you my sweet lover !!!

 I will never regret spending  a lifetime's of the most wonderful adventure's with you ,  Happy Birthday my lover 


Happy Birthday to the only person that's perfectly capable of loving all my imperfection's. Love you soo much my lovely lover .

  I am so blessed to have you as my lover .I am proud to say that we are happily married entire life  Happy Birthday, my life .Have a wounderful birthday °°°

  Happy Birthday to the most best lover in this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVER 


   You are the light in the darkness and the spark of hope and truly the meaning of life .Happy Birthday my lovely lover .

  Rose is red , Sky is blue ,and my love is for you is pure as whiteand it's true !!!

  Thank You so much for showing me the true meaning's of love .Thank you for all the wounderful thing's that you have given to me Happy Birthday to my love .

  This is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much I love you baby, Happy Birthday ny love !!

   To the world , you are may just be one person . But to me , you are the world of my favourite person .Celebrating a wounderful Birthday my lover ♡ .

   You are the gifts in my life .On this birthday of your , I give you my all gits of my love .Happy Birthday my lover love you soo much !!


▪ Sweetheart,may you receive everything that you have wished for on your Happy Birthday !!! I love you to infinity and beyond For all for you .

▪ Loving you is truly a privilege,  being loved by you is a blessings  and being's with you is a wishes come true !!! Happy Birthday my lover .

▪ Happy Birthday , sweetheart as you blow the candles on your cake on this special for this day know that I can never function as a normal human's .


▪ My love for you increase every time I look at you . It will never fade or end because it is infinite Happy Birthday my love .

▪ May your birthday will be just one things on you . Great happiness for the Happy Birthday my love !!

▪ Best Birthday my ray of sunshine's !! You certainly light up my life's just likke a thousand of sun's . I LOVE YOU 

▪ The easiest things for me to do is to stay in love with you !!  I LOVE YOU , best for your Happy Birthday .

▪ I love you  so much more and more every day .You just can't imagine how happy !! I am happy with you soo much . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE . 

▪ Happy Birthday to the love of my life .You deserve all the best of that my life could bring big change .I wish you happyiness,success and good health's and hope all good day comes together !!

▪ Happy Birthday to my sweet creamy love , who give's me always big hug and kisses every day which brings my day full of joy .Happy Birthday my lover .


▪ On your special day , sweetheart, I just want to promise you that I will never given up on us regards of how hard the going get's ! I love you so much . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE .

▪ Today is a really truly a unique  and special day because the most precious lover for my entire universe is celebrating the day in  this  world .Once again Happy Return's Of The Day .


▪ I found my missing piece that I had been searching for the day where I met you .Thanks for completing my heart and full of your love which makes my life happy.Happy Birthday my love !!!

▪ Celebrating special day today, please always remember in mind that I can't breath without your love.Thanks for your blessings,and support me .Happy Birthday my lover .

▪ Each day shine's brighter when we are together. I hope today you will let me shine my true love on you !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE  ♡♡ .


▪ To my great love ,Wishing a Wounderful Happy Birthday on this special day , I promise to spoil you more and more for you deserve's a whole day of pure love and joy . I LOVE YOU ♡♡♡

▪ It was very difficult to buy some gift's my lover, because I am thinking and planning for giving you the entire world. Have a sweet happy birthday. Love You Forever !!!


▪ For me there is nothing better than in this life than sharing, this such a special day with you, Love you so much my life, love you forever Happy Birthday my truly lover

▪ Sweetheart the moonand all the star's in the sky will not be enough to express my love for you every time ,Happy Birthday My lover.Be happy always and forever by my side .

▪ Today might be your birthday but for me , every day is your birthday .Wishing Happy Birthday lover I love you forever ♡♡♡.


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